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Universal adapter-144236

Universal aerator adapter, female 1/2" IPS with washer,55/64 X 27,15/16 X 27,FP-43-A-9,V-4

Universal adapter-144239

Universal large aerator adapter, three male thread with washer 55/64 X 27,FEMALE 15/16,FP-43-A-8,V-4

Universal adapter-144246

Universal aerator adapter,3/4X55/64//144 male,...FP-12-A-15,V-9

Universal adapter-72-3120

Universal aerator adapter, male 7/8" & male 15/16",...12-A-16,V-9

Universal aerator-144004

Universal small male aerator, size 15/16 X 55/64,FP-43-A-1,V-4

Universal aerator-16-014

Universal dual thread spring flow aerator, size 15/16" x 55/64"

Universal aerator-3554972

Universal small female aerator, size 3/4"

Universal aerator-9-103-6

Universal small male aerator, 3/4"