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Central escutcheon nipple-43.2823

Central brass nipple, fits Gerber, Sayco, Sterling and Union Brass, 2-1/4" length x 9/16 diameter x 20 thread...Old DPS W60336-3, 3C 72-3561, TR CN269, OEM CN269,FP-CE-59

Crane escutcheon nipple-487518

Crane brass escutcheon nipple, fits Price Pfister and Repcal, fits part numbers W60334 and W60349-T, 2-1/4" long x 5/8" diameter x 18 thread...Old DPS 2125-2, 3C 72-3557, OEM N/A,...FP-48-A-4

Eljer escutcheon nipple-72.3554

Eljer escutcheon nipple, fits Price Pfister and Central Brass, 2-1/4" long x 9/16" diameter x 24 thread...V-9 72-3554, FP-48-A-3

Gerber escutcheon nipple-133512

Gerber escutcheon nipple, fits Briggs, Sayco, Sterling and Union Brass, 5/8" diameter x 2-1/4" long x 24 thread...Old DPS W60778, 2125-7, 3C 72-3561,FP-48-A-2

Harden nipple-HAR01

for Harden, brass nipple, 9/16" diameter x 20 thread x 2" long...Old DPS HAR01, 3C N/A, OEM N/A


Escutcheon nipple for Amer Stand, 2-1/4" long x 9/16" diameter x 20 thread...V-9 72-3551, FP-AS-109

Nipple for Kohler-487518

5/8" Outside Diameter x 1-5/8" Brass Nipple For Kohler,...FP-40-A-4,V-9

Nipple for Price Pfister-2015096

for Price Pfister, white plastic nipple, 2-3/4",OEM 972-110,FP-PP-27,V-4

Nipple for Sterling-STA99B2163

for Sterling and Kohler, plastic nipple, 3/4" outside diameter x 2-5/8",ST-40,-V-75

Nipple for Union Brass-231184

for Union Brass, full brass nipple, 1-3/8" x 9/16"FP-UB-14,-V-4

Universal nipple-72-3182

Universal fit-all clear plastic nipple,FP-48-A-1,V-9