Tank Levers

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American Standard bone tank lever-047242-0210A

American Standard plastic bone color tank lever with 45 degree angle, left hand, fits model Ellisse F4075.116, Cadet 2 F4072, 4010 and many more...Old DPS 047242-0210A, 3C N/A, OEM 047242-0210AFP-16-C-39

American Standard bone tank lever-AS047148-0210A

American Standard plastic bone color tank lever for 4083/93/4016 tanks, left hand... Old DPS AS47148-0210A, 3C N/A, OEM 047148-0210A,FP-C-26-B

American Standard white tank lever-T01-036

American Standard plastic white color tank lever, left hand...Old DPS T01-036, 3C N/A, OEM N/A,...V-32,FP-16-B-24

Eljer polished brass tank lever-41840P

Eljer polished brass tank lever, side mount, 9-1/4" brass arm...V-32 41840P, FP-16-C-31

Kohler polished brass tank lever-T01-017

Kohler Side Mount tank lever, polished brass color handle, 8-1/2" offset plastic arm...Old DPS T01-017, 3C N/A, OEM N/A

Universal antique brass tank lever-T01-004

Universal antique brass tank lever, 8",FP-16-B-21,V-32

Universal bone tank lever-60-7148

Universal plastic bone color tank lever,FP-16-B-23,V-32

Universal polished brass tank lever-04-1773

Universal polished brass tank lever, fits most commodes with 8" adjustable arm

Universal polished brass tank lever-14305

Universal polished brass tank lever with brass nut, adjustable, 9" long

Universal polished brass tank lever-192008

Universal polished brass tank lever, 8" long,FP-16-C-32,V-4

Universal satin nickel tank lever-41789SN

Universal satin nickel tank lever, 8",16-B-22,V-32

Universal white tank lever-T01-102

Universal fit-all plastic white color tank lever,FP-16-B-25,V-4